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Current Version is 4.2
We highly recommend downloading the lattest version.

The simplest app which will help you to play YouTube Videos when your screen is off

YouTube Play Screen Off

Allways open the youtube site

Play audio from YouTube when 

your phone screen is off

Play any video

from YouTube

Watch Videos

any time anywhere

Search any video

from YouTube


This app is so simples to use just install this app and open it will always open Youtube and then you can choose any video to watch if you are bored of watching videos and you want to listen the audio, not the video then don't worry just play any video in this app and turn off your screen and enjoy the audio without downloading and wasting your memory this app will always play youtube videos when your phone's screen is off 

This app is developed by Suman Dey (Suman D De) who is the owner of Monster Techno and this is the first app which is developed by Suman Dey.

App developer - Suman Dey

App size - 3.34MB

App version - 4.2

Downloads - NULL

Requirements - Android 4.0+

App permission- Full network access 

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